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Asthma in the Office: How to Work Around the Condition

If you have asthma, it goes without saying that work can be a challenge. Often triggered by stress and anxiety, your symptoms can make a guest appearance when you really, really don’t need them to.

According to Asthma UK, 43% of people suffering with the respiratory condition say that their symptoms can cause them problems in the workplace. Here, we discuss three ways you can make your working day as symptom-free as possible. As for the stress? Well, that’s down to you.

Talk to colleagues

It’s important to inform the people you’re working with about your asthma. This ensures that they’ll know how to react if and when you have an asthma attack at work. So, be sure to inform your colleagues, managers and any first-aiders based at your workplace.

Remove triggers

If you know that certain triggers set your asthma off, discuss your requirements with your manager or HR personnel – they’ll make adjustments to ensure you’re comfortable. For instance, if you’re sensitive to dust, you’ll be given a well aired work space that gathers little dust.

Be prepared

Always have an inhaler with you at work, whether that means keeping one stashed in your desk drawer or in the pocket of your hi-vis jacket. You’ll be grateful if an attack strikes unexpectedly.

Image courtesy of Alvin Mahmudov, Unsplash

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