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Monitor and Identify pollen to avoid cross pollination

Sensio Air will alert you of the presence of any unwanted pollen in the air early on and allow you to take quick mitigation measures to protect your plants.

Sensio Air can detect and identify pollen and mold allowing growers to make smarter decisions.With Sensio Air you can protect crops and reduce spoilage by up to 28%.

Protect yours crops from Mold and cross pollination


Detect mold before it destroys your crops

More than 28% of yearly crop loss is due to mold contamination. Sensio Air detects mold spores and alerts you in case of infection so you can act before it spreads.


Understand your air to improve your business

With Sensio Air, growers remain a step ahead of airborne and prompts recommendations  to protect their crops.

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Detect Mold and Fungi before they are visible.

The most common crop diseases are caused by fungus including White Powdery Mildew, Gray Mold (Bud Rot) or Alternaria. Sensio Air is an early detection system that warns you from airborne mold spores and help save plants during cultivation and storage.


Early detection of pollen to avoid cross pollination

Growers often choose superior crops commanding a higher price in the marketplace. Sensio Air detects and identify airborne pollen from male plants early on and allow growers to take action to protect their plants from unwanted pollination and monitor the efficiency of their segregation mechanisms to protect your culture.

Patented airborne pathogen tracking technology

Sensio Air uses a patented technology to identify and differentiate airborne pathogens such as pollen and mold in your facility. All data is accessible to the operator via a mobile app or web dashboard – showing the real-time risk along with custom recommendations and mitigation techniques.

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Patented airborne pathogen tracking technology

Detect and identify particles in the air before it's too late


Track external or foreign pollen that that can travel up to 30 Km



Know if you have mold in your facility or greenhouse and act before it's too late.

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Dust Mites

Detect dust mites in your storage facilities to protect your staff.

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Pet Dander

Monitor pet dander levels and track the presence of animals.

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Also concerned about the outdoor air quality?

Download the mobile app and tap into our air quality stations in more than 300 cities. You can now compare your indoor versus outdoor air quality and

Real time outdoor data from over 300 cities

Sensio Air is also outside and with our growing number of partners we are also able to deliver outdoor pollen and pollution information. With a global platform of sensors, APIs and ready to use forecasts, you can have access to measured data from deployed devices and partnerships with governments worldwide.

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