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Discover what's exacerbating your symptoms

Tired of your itchy eyes and runny nose? We pinpoint what's causing your symptoms so you can take action.

Enjoy a healthier lifestyle

Take simple steps recommended to you by our allergy experts for an easier, healthier way of life.

Sensio Air is the only patented tracker that can tell the difference between house dust, mold, dust mites, pollen and dander. Get your home checked 24/7

Know what you're breathing at home

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Understand the indoor air quality

Finally discover what's hiding in your home. From pollen, pet dander, dust mites to mold, we tell you what's in the air.

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Log your symptoms

Log your allergy and asthma symptoms at the tap of a screen to find out exactly what's causing your coughing, sneezing, wheezing, chest pain, itchy eyes, headaches or other health issues.

Discover what you're breathing

Be aware of which allergens are present in your home and know what you can do about it. From dust mites to mold, we tell you exactly how to take targeted actions to have a healthier home.

Enjoy a healthier lifestyle

Be notified when allergen levels are rising so you can act before it's too late. Follow the advice of our allergy experts to take control of your symptoms.

Patented allergen tracking technology

Track allergens in your home and know what's making you sick


Track pollen that could've been transported indoors to avoid unwanted symptoms.



Know if you have mold in your home and how to get rid of it before it's too late.

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Dust Mites

If you have trouble sleeping, chances are that you're sharing your bed with too many allergens.

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Pet Dander

Monitor pet dander levels indoor to keep them in a healthy range.

"Sensio AIR arms my patients with multiple methods to help them minimize their exposure to allergens and pollutants."

Lauren, Allergologist


Recommended by doctors

Also concerned about the outdoor air quality?

Download the mobile app and tap into our air quality stations in more than 350 cities. You can now compare your indoor versus outdoor air quality and

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