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Accurate information

Help your visitors find out which airborne particles are prominent in their area, and assist them in gaining a more thorough understanding of what they could be breathing in.

Improved health

Encourage your visitors to think more carefully about their respiratory health by showing them how simple steps and small changes can have a big impact on their wellbeing.

Take your online presence to the next level with real-time pollen, pollution and weather information


Get personalized advice

Complete with 4,000 different recommendations, the Sensio AIR widget will automatically select and display the ones that apply to your visitors and their location.


Using simple API integration, the Sensio AIR widget will empower your visitors with accurate air quality data that spans more than 350 cities worldwide.

Tailored recommendations at your fingertips

The Sensio AIR widget provides your online platform with real-time air quality information, but that’s not all. It comes with an array of recommendations for your visitors to consider, whether they’re at work, at home or running errands. The best part? The advice depends on the pollen count and pollution levels in their area, so it’s always as accurate as possible.

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WHO compliant indexes

Using limits, ranges and indexes that fall in line with those recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Sensio AIR widget juxtaposes bright colors, appealing icons and straight-forward explanations to make it easier than ever to understand the air quality in 350 major cities across the world.

Up to 15 days Weather forecast

Also featuring a weather forecast, the Sensio AIR widget is the ultimate go-to for anyone interested in pollution levels, pollen counts and environmental updates. The widget allows your site visitors to stay one step ahead of the weather in their location, and view the upcoming weather changes up to 15 days in advance.

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Pollen and pollution warnings in advance

The widget doesn’t stop there. As well as an overview of weather changes for the specified location, the Sensio AIR add-on also provides users with an in-depth 7-day forecast that will illustrate pollen peaks, sudden changes in pollution levels and any drops that are set to occur. The weekly outlook allows users to plan ahead and prepare for any previously unexpected pollen or pollution changes that could affect their health.

Daily allergen and pollutant insights

Track the pollen count and pollution levels as they change in your area.

Tree Pollen

Tree pollen levels start to rise as soon as winter comes to an end.

Grass Pollen

Grass pollen is commonly the culprit behind spring hay fever.

Harmful Gas

Harmful gases are produced by road traffic or industrial facilities.

Particulate Matter

Coarse and fine particulate matter particles cause irritation and asthma.

"Sensio AIR arms my patients with multiple methods to help them minimize their exposure to allergens and pollutants."

Lauren, Allergologist


Recommended by doctors

Tap into our air quality network

We monitor 320 cities (and counting!) across the world to provide you with allergen information, including major cities in the UK, US and Canada (London, Dublin, Houston, Denver, Chicago, NYC, Dallas, Boston, Seattle, Las Vegas, SF, Austin and more).

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