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Discover what you're breathing

Enjoy a healthier lifestyle

Take simple steps recommended to you by our allergy experts for an easier, healthier way of life.

Track the outdoor air while monitoring your symptoms to understand the causes behind them.

Download the free mobile app to learn more about your symptom causes and potential remedies.

Predict and prevent asthma and allergy symptoms

Log your symptoms

Log your asthma and allergy symptoms at the touch of a screen to find out what's triggering them.

Access real-time pollen and pollution information in 320 cities across the world.

Log your symptoms

Log your allergy and asthma symptoms at the tap of a screen to find out exactly what's causing your respiratory issues. The app will also inform you if you're suffering from a common cold or hay fever.

Discover what you're breathing

Know exactly what you're breathing by viewing real-time air quality data for more than 300 cities across the world. Oh, and remember to check out the weather and allergen forecasts to stay one step ahead of your symptoms.

Enjoy a healthier lifestyle

Featuring tailored advice and warnings when allergens or pollution levels are high, the Sensio AIR app will help you stay in control of your health. It will also provide you with tailored recommendations from allergy specialists to help you keep your symptoms at bay.

Receive daily pollutant and allergen insights

Track the pollen count and pollution levels as they change in your area.

Tree Pollen

Tree pollen levels start to rise as soon as winter comes to an end.

Grass Pollen

Grass pollen is commonly the culprit behind spring hay fever.

Harmful Gas

Harmful gases are produced by road traffic or industrial facilities.

Particulate Matter

Coarse and fine particulate matter particles cause irritation and asthma.

"Sensio AIR arms my patients with multiple methods to help them minimize their exposure to allergens and pollutants."

Lauren, Allergologist


Recommended by doctors

Tap into our network of air quality monitors

We monitor 320 cities (and counting!) across the world to provide you with allergen information, including major cities in the UK, US and Canada (London, Dublin, Houston, Denver, Chicago, NYC, Dallas, Boston, Seattle, Las Vegas, SF, Austin and more).

Know what you're breathing indoors

Sensio Air is the only patented tracker that can tell the difference between house dust, mold, dust mites, pollen and dander.

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