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5 Reminders to Help You Cope When Your Little One is Sick

You’ve not had a shower for two days, you haven’t slept properly for a week and you can’t remember the last decent meal you ate. Welcome to the Calpol Club.

When your little one is ill, you’re understandably worried 24/7, and it's likely you're putting your mini-me’s needs ahead of your own. You’re up with them through the early hours, reading and re-reading the medicine instructions you already know by heart and watching their every move. I know you feel like you’ll never leave the house again, but you will – just probably not today.

So, when you’re not being a napkin ninja and cleaning food off floors/walls/your face, take a second to realise that actually, you’re doing the best you can, and no, you’re not the world’s worst parent.

So, in honour of you being the household hero (no, really) we’ve compiled a little list of things you can do to help you get through the mini war zone your living room/bedroom/life has become.

Stay calm

This is easier said than done, but allowing yourself to get even more stressed won’t help you or your child. Take a step back and acknowledge you’re doing your best, even if your toddler’s tantrums say otherwise.

Get some rest

You need to be alert and aware when looking after your little one, so be sure to get some decent sleep when you’re able to. You’ll feel better after a few hours of rest, so when your child finally dozes off – that’s your cue.

Don’t forget to eat

It’s easy to forget to have breakfast, lunch and dinner when you’re busy tending to the needs of your child, but try not to. You need to keep your energy levels up, so try to eat regularly to stay on top of things.

Ask for advice

Don’t be scared to ask for help. Whether you have a question for your doctor, or want some advice from your best friend (a mother-of-four, how does she do it?) you should always seek support when you need it.

Enjoy downtime

Yes, really. A big part of your little one’s recovery process is downtime, which means you’re entitled to the same. If that means an evening in front of the TV with your child, or a blanket and their favourite toy – great. However, don’t feel bad if you decide to call upon your other half or the babysitter while you step outside for a quick run or a trip to the shops. Do whatever you need to do to keep a clear head.

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