Pre-Order Sensio Air

Pricing and Conditions of Pre-order

Please be advised that the Sensio Air Devices typically go out of stock in matter of minutes once the rental portal is open. For the next production run, and due to the limitation on components available on the market, we will only have a limited amount of units available for our partners and customers.

When you pre-register you'll be paying $100 and secure your position in the queue. You can reserve up to 5 devices for a minimum contract period of 6 Months.

Based on the number of devices you book prices vary as follows:

1 Device  $750/mo

2 Devices $700/mo

3 Devices $650/mo
4 Devices $600/mo
5 Devices $550/mo

All bookings are 100% refundable up to six weeks prior to shipping.

All Devices come with 2 Years support, full API, Dashboard, and App access.


Should you have any questions or comments please feel free to get in touch by replying to the email in which you found this page.


Terms & Conditions Apply.